At the October 11, 2022 meeting of the Bulverde UMC Church Council,
a unanimous vote was taken to begin the process of discernment as to whether to stay in the
United Methodist Church or disaffiliate.  The following is an excerpt from the minutes of that meeting.

“The Discernment Process intends that a congregation reflect, discuss, and pray about the
issues and make a determination that best fits them and their understanding of their call to

 follow God. The 6-month discernment process does not presume a specific conclusion.  At the end 
of the period, BUMC will have the option of voting to decide the right solution for our congregation. 

The Church Council makes this statement:  We are concerned about where the 
United Methodist Church is going and have decided to start the process of discovering who
we are so we can make the best choice for our congregation that will allow us to follow where God is sending us.  
Prayers are needed for the United Methodist Church, for BUMC, for the Process, for all our staff and their families.”

Following the Council decision, Pastor Ralph Mann sent a letter
to our District Superintendent, Greg Hackett, communicating the decision.

We understand that you have many questions and concerns.  
So, to aid with communication during this time, two types of meetings have been
scheduled.  We invite and encourage you to review the following options and attend as you feel personally led.
Listening Sessions:  Part of the discernment process includes 3 Listening Sessions with
the District Superintendent and a Church Conference where we will vote whether or not to
disaffiliate. The Listening Sessions will be held in the Sanctuary and are scheduled for November 14 at 6:30pm,
January 9 at 6:30pm,  and Sunday, April 23 at 1pm.  The final session will also be our church conference vote.  
All professing members present can vote (no proxies allowed).   No sign ups are necessary for the Listening Sessions
and childcare will be provided for these meetings. Please mark these dates on your calendar as we continue to be in prayer.
Since we are part of God’s family, we pray for ALL SESSIONS
to be informative and loving in nature.  We come together in the
spirit of Ephesians 4:12-13,so that we may grow into the fullness of Christ.

For more information on why we have decided to go down this path, please refer
to the provided links on this page. Please continue to pray for our church as we face these difficult decisions.