Bulverde Methodist Men

At Bulverde Methodist Church, we feel
that when a man accepts Jesus Christ and joins our church, he has taken the steps necessary
for a new life in Christ. The BMMs will support each man, by helping him to live out his vows and
commitment through a covenant relationship. The BMMs fellowship is open to all men. We are not made
up of “holier than thou types or Bible scholars”, rather we are made up of men that are just “everyday Joes”
like yourself. The BMMs fellowship consists of men who love sports, automobiles, big screen TV’s, music,
cooking outside, travel and building things. Men that work hard to support their families, some of them worry about
making a house or car payments, trying to manage their children’s education expenses and not to mention saving for
vacations and retirement.  Most importantly though, we are men who recognize Jesus Christ as our Savior and the need
for the Lord in the lives of our family. The BMMs need all of the men of the church to be involved in this special fellowship.

What do BMMs do?

Annually, the BMMs have several fund raisers benefiting various local
organizations, individuals, our church and its mission. We pray as a group for those who are in need.
BMMs mentor other men, young and old within our community and church. We develop a men’s fellowship
throughout our community. We provide a support structure for men in time of need and pain. BMMs Provide
a port of entry for a man who may not otherwise come to church. We provide support for our youth to participate
in Christian camps and fellowships We also provide training for men to be better fathers, husbands and family leaders.


The BMMs meet regularly at one of the men’s home. Bring a cut of meat,
fish, etc that you will cook, your favorite beverage and a friend.  All of the sides will be furnished by
our host. We kick off the event at 6:30 pm and are usually done by 8:30 pm. The Main event is fellowship.